You expect me to be there for you after you said “I don’t care” and then when i’m not there you’re hurt.

I thought you didn’t care?

Once you realise the world is nothing but cunts, life suddenly becomes easier.

did you see them going off to fight?

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No Way Mikey Way: Mikey Way's fiancée, Sarah



meet Mikey Way’s 19 year old fiancée Sarah


Mikey Way is cheating on his wife Alicia with a teenage fangirl/groupie named Sarah and has been for a while.

It looks as though this girl Sarah has been a MCR fangirl/lurker for years now, along with her best friend Angie.

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  • me: i don't believe in god
  • me: oh my god
  • me: thank god
  • me: good god
  • me: god help me


#i love how this makes it seem as if they are all shooting the same movie#emma is the girl looking for a challenge in life when she meets tom and rupert#rupert is a runaway who recently dropped off the army #and tom is a very intelligent computer hacker #they rob banks and other high security stuff and she joins them #that’s when we meet dan’s character who is the youngest bank president ever #and who’s about to lose a few billion pounds #except he and tom’s char are bffs from childhood #and meanwhile emma is torn between her partners in crime#except she totes ends up with tom #cool stuff that will never happen

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Peter Parker - Tumblr Fangirl

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